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About Me

I'm Matt!

I'm a recent computer science graduate from Georgia Tech!

Now I work at Scale to drive down the cost of data labelling

I'm also writing a blog about CS + Math – check it out here!

What I've Done

Organized HackGT

Built a terminal-based wrapper over Facebook Messenger

Taught a robot how to improvise over jazz standards

Implemented the world's dumbest sorting algorithm

Hacked together a pure-CSS binary-to-decimal converter via matrix transforms

Over-engineered a way to render dynamic, animated, ray-traced scenes in CSS with Sass

Implemented BiRRT path planning for a 7DoF robotic arm

Toyed around with basic procedural content generation for plants and mountains

Made MyoThreeArm, which allows users to create a virtual prosthetic arm out of the Myo armband

Made Mongit, which lets users leverage reddit's comment section as an encrypted database

You can see other stuff I've done on GitHub @mjkaufer

What I'm Doing

Rock Climbing



Playing Guitar/Bass/Banjo



You can send me an email at mjkaufer@gmail.com

My GitHub is mjkaufer

You can check out my resume here

Feel free to message me if you have a project you want to work together on!