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I'm Matthew

If you get the chance, check out this page on your desktop. There's cool WebGL that mobile doesn't support.

About Me

As you might guess, I like coding

Especially web development

I am part of Georgia Tech's College of Computing, Class of 2020

Over the next five years, I aim to develop as a computer scientist and cultivate a greater understanding of the lower level stacks which make computers work

What I Code With

In terms of web development, I'm proficient with:

When it comes to development sans web, I know:

I also have experience in:

What I've Done

Made MyoThreeArm, which allows users to create a virtual prosthetic arm out of the Myo armband

Made Emoodji, which maps an emoji over your webcam representing your emotions

Made Mongit, which lets users leverage reddit's comment section as an encrypted database

You can see other stuff I've done on GitHub @mjkaufer

My Hobbies



Playing Guitar


You can send me an email at

I'm also on Facebook

My GitHub is @mjkaufer

You can check out my resume here